Friday, January 15, 2016

I live from day to day, a beggar of
grace in my Father’s world.  I believe in
God – transcendent, immanent, Triune – ; if

only I have eyes, I can see His at
hand kingdom.  I believe in science, I
believe in Heisenberg, Schrodinger and

Godel.  I believe I see as in a
dim mirror, incomplete; in part I know,
uncertain; human reason, finite and

alone, knows no infinite certitude.
Let me see Truth beyond truth, evidence
of things unseen: Reality flowing from

Trinity; three-in-one is one-in-three,
eternal separate undivided
existence, one and many reconciled

in the beginning of song allowing
the soul’s noetic/mystic/poetic/
mythic knowing beyond sense–an ethic of

love for and of the other who is as
I am, of whom I am as well as he
is of me, one nature, many persons.

In the image of tactile  transcendent
Trinity, I struggle, defiant or willing,
to be found in His all-loving likeness.

One day I will know, I will see, even
as I am known, even as I am seen.

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